With over 1,000 highly credentialed physicians representing dozens of medical specialties, and a facility that remains current with industry standards for leadingedge medical technology and practices, Holy Name provides an exceptional healthcare experience for the diverse population it serves.

Our Doctors

Front row left to right: Yadyra Rivera, MD, Oncology/Hematology; Henry Fernandez-Cos, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Gilberto Gastell, MD, Primary Care;

Mario Pelletier, MD, Primary Care; Jorge Verea, Primary Care

Back row left to right: Alexander Hesquijarosa, MD, Primary Care; Harry Banschick, MD, Pediatrics; Raul Parra, MD, Urologic Oncologist;

Angel Mulkay, MD, Cardiac and Endovascular Interventionalist; Mauricio Velasco, MD, Primary Care; Peter Caride, MD, Gastroenterology