At Holy Name, everything we do is driven by our passion for healing and the understanding that each of us is unique and precious. It's the reason we attract the area's finest physicians and are committed to providing leading-edge clinical care and advanced technology. We are dedicated to caring for the underserved and those at risk for developing preventable diseases by offering a variety of services through community outreach, screening and education.  


People of Hispanic/Latino origin are twice as likely as other ethnic groups to be diagnosed with diabetes and are at much higher risk for asthma, cardiovascular disease, and certain types of cancers.  These disparities are driven by genetic predisposition as well as cultural and socioeconomic barriers, such as lack of health insurance or transportation, that make it difficult for some Hispanics/Latinos to practice preventative care or access treatment.

Holy Name Medical Center's Hispanic outreach program, Familia y Salud, is designed to engage patients and their families in action plans that will decrease the spread of diseases specifically affecting Hispanics. Familia y Salud educates our patients about how to manage or prevent the onset of disease, to empower the community with the information necessary to make informed decisions, and to take a proactive approach to healthcare.

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